Her Lovely Heels

This here guys is Korean web drama, “Her Lovely Heels” starring Hong Jong Hyun and Seungyeon. It aired mid Feburary 2014 with 10 episodes in total each approximately 11-13 minutes long. It’s an older drama but in my opinon 2013 and after are new lol. Anyway here’s the synopsis:

Shin Jin-Hoo is unlucky when it comes to love after a hard breakup she believes she’ll never open up her heart again until she meets Oh Tae Soo her co-worker and finds herself crushing on him.While Tae soo who believes Love is unimportant becomes interested in Shin Jin Hoo after a series of events.

This was a really easy going drama, the female lead was cute the male lead was sweet and caring most of the time (lol) sure this drama could’ve been better but it was alright. Some pros I could list:

  1. The female lead was cute and wasn’t obnoxious which was refreshing
  2. The male lead knew how to push away the second female lead
  3. The Ost was cute
  4. The chemistry was cute
  5. The storyline was easy to follow

Now the cons, oh boy:

  1. One of the most desperate second male leads I’ve seen
  2. The Female Lead didn’t know how to communicate properly at times
  3. The second female lead was a total hoe
  4. The Male Lead was a jerk at the beginning
  5. Some of the story too predictable
  6. Drama too short

But, again if you’re waiting for a new episodes of a drama you like maybe watch this to kill some time or just because. I reccomend this if you also like Hong Jong Hyun and if you like cute bubbly romances.

Here are some cute gifs I found so you can get an idea of the cool shebang:

If you would like to give it a chance here’s the link to the 1st episode happy drama watching!!!


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Gogh, Starry Night

This here is Korean drama, “Gogh, Starry Night” aired around mid-October of 2016, so this is a very fresh, new drama. Starring Girl’s Generation Yuri, this drama is 20 episodes long and approximately 20 minutes each. This is a very short drama, considered a web drama, and it is definitely a reverse harem. If you like dramas that are short, sweet, and funny this is for you. Read more if you’re interest!!!

Go ho is a 29 year old, who works for a Advertising company and  her temperamental hot boss, Kang Tae Ho. Recovering from a break up a year ago, she decides to begin writing for a magazine with her vey own column named,”Starry Night”. Go ho is the only one who can handle her arrogant and handsome as hell Boss, but things get harder when her ex-boyfriend starts working at her company and trying to woo her once again.Her life gets more complicated as some of the men in her life begin to pursue her as well.

I really enjoyed the Female lead’s acting in this drama, she was independent and strong and wasn’t easily carried away which is very refreshing. I also give props to Kim Young Kwang the actor who played Kim Tae Ho, his acting was on point and he made the drama work. Some pros of this drama would have to be:

  1. The female lead is strong and doesn’t have a hard time making decisions
  2. The male lead isn’t aggressive in terms of the wrist grabbing and forcefully kissing
  3. The OST were so great and made the drama way more enjoyable
  4. The chemistry was great
  5. There was no big misunderstanding that dragged the series along
  6. The Ending was great
  7. I did not get second male lead syndrome

The cons of this drama would have to be:

  1. The male lead got jealous all the time
  2. The second male lead was soooooooooo Cringey!
  3. The female lead’s brother’s role didn’t really make sense in the drama and wasted a whole episode
  4. There was only one kiss scene
  5. The ex-boyfriend’s explanation for breaking up was dumb

In all I rate this drama: 9/10

Here I will leave a gallery with some pictures of the drama to give you an idea of the theme:




If you would like to give this drama a chance click on the link below to watch the 1st episode!!:


feel free to comment what your 1st impressions are or if you have seen this drama already comment your opinion on it I would love to read it! Happy Drama Watching<3